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Jul 112020
 July 11, 2020  Posted by at 9:58 pm Uncategorized No Responses »

Weddings during COVID……Unfortunately, we have again, had to go into isolation in Melbourne 🙁

This means that I miss seeing all my friends and family and I learn to appreciate the life the life I live and that we are all happy and healthy. I am also learning that life is not always about work and to just relax, unwind and enjoy doing simple pleasures such as taking the dog for a walk, talk on the phone, make a pot of tea and actually sit down and drink it rather than drink it on the run. I have been doing a lot more cooking and baking for my family and and am nearly mastering sourdough #isobread … hopefully that will not be far off. I have been doing a lot of gardening so now I have a lovely view when I sit outside with my pot of tea 🙂

Not all is bad though. I am still conducting weddings during COVID and isolation and I have found myself busier than ever. The Melbourne Registry Office is not conducting any ceremonies so I am getting heaps of requests for isolation weddings.

I have found these weddings to be lovely. Yes, there are only 5 of us, but the ceremony is truly about the couple standing before me, not the guests and family and friends. We have been utilising Zoom and Facebook live and we still then have guests attend virtually. There is a recording of their wedding and they can look back on the comments from their family and friends.

If you would like to have a wedding during these trying times, get in touch and I can chat about the options available.

DHS COVID-19 Ceremonies

Weddings during COVID

In the meantime, Stay safe everyone!


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