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Congratulations…You have had a child!!!

A Naming Ceremony is an alternative to a baptism or christening as it is a non-religious ceremony which enables family and friends to formally celebrate and welcome a new life into the world and into their community of friends and family.

The Naming Ceremony is a very special occasion where parents formally announce and acknowledge their child’s name. The Ceremony is a celebration by all of the people involved in your child’s life. It is an opportunity for you to state in front of your family and friends the unconditional love, care, support and encouragement that you will continue to provide

The role of parents, grandparents and godparents/guardian can be celebrated in a meaningful and individually designed ceremony.

These ceremonies normally take place during the child’s first 12 months but may be conducted at any age. Family members and friends can be encouraged to participate in these ceremonies by undertaking readings.

Every ceremony is unique and offers flexibility to meet the individual needs of every family’s wishes. Because a Naming Ceremony is non-religious, it enables the child to choose their own beliefs in regards to religion, when they are mature enough to make this decision. The parents are then allowing the child the freedom of choice to undertake their own beliefs later in life.


Naming Ceremonies are normally performed at your own home or a local park. The parents may also appoint guardians/godparents at these ceremonies.


The parent(s) are issued with a Naming Certificate at the conclusion of the ceremony

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