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Create Your NOIM


How to Create your NOIM

Details you need are:

Celebrant Surname: Hartelt

Celebrant Email: (please make sure you use a capital P)

You will also need to have handy the following information :

  • Your birth names.
  • Your parents birth names and country they were born in.
  • Where you were born (town / state / country).
  • Identification – Passports or birth certificates and photo ID.
  • If you have been previously married, the date this came to effect off your divorce or death certificate.
  • Date, time and location of your ceremony (if this is yet to be confirmed, this is still OK).
  • If all this information is not available, please don’t stress, we can add some of it in later as long as it is prior to your ceremony.


Click on The Celebrant Connection here and enter the details above when requested

This data will be sent to Penny and she will then be in touch to  organise the submission of your wedding paperwork.

Create your NOIM

How to Create your NOIM

Steps to get Married by Penny

  1. Read through what is needed to create your NOIM to ensure you have some of the information available.
  2. Fill in your information on the link above
  3. Penny will be in touch and will generate your NOIM and send it through to you for approval.
  4. Sign the NOIM in front of a witness (Penny or an authorised witness) and submit to Penny with more than 1 months notice before your ceremony.
  5. Penny will want to see your ID and will schedule a time easiest time for you all.
  6. Penny will send through ceremony options that you can read through and then let Penny know which ones you like.
  7. Penny will create the most perfect customised ceremony for you to approve.
  8. If you have booked a rehearsal, this will be scheduled at a time convenient for everyone.
  9. Penny will come and provide the most amazing professional ceremony.
  10. Penny will submit all your paperwork to births, deaths and marriages in Victoria (providing you are getting married in Victoria)


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