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Overseas Visitors

If your dream is to be married in Australia, I can help you turn that dream into a reality. I can help you plan a stress-free civil ceremony catering to your needs that is romantic and personal, creating memories to last a lifetime.

Once married you will need to apply to Births Deaths and Marriages to apply for your Official Marriage Certificate, I will provide the application form. All the necessary arrangements for your Wedding can be done by email, phone or fax from you home town.

Please check with your local authorities for full details of recognition of marriage in your country. Some countries require a special stamp called Apostille Stamp which needs to be obtained at your country’s Consulate before you leave Australia – it cannot be done when you arrive home.

It is important to remember that there can only be one legal marriage, any further ceremonies have to be re-affirmation ceremonies.

Marrying in Australia is a simple process. To be legally married in Australia, the law requires that:

  • To be legally married in Australia the law requires that
  • You are over 18 years old and not already married
  • You both agree freely to the marriage
  • You have proof of identity (birth certificates, passports)
  • That all necessary documents must be original (photocopies are not accepted) and translated into English if necessary, signed by an official notary
  • A Notice of Intended Marriage must be lodged with your celebrant at least one day and one month prior to your marriage and no longer than 18 months prior, signed and witnessed by an authorised person (to download form Click Here)
  • The legal process does not begin until the Notice of Intended Marriage has been received by your celebrant
  • You must sign a document stating that you know of no reason why you cannot marry each other (that you are not related by blood or adoption, already married or under 18 years)
  • You must provide proof of dissolution of any previous marriage (divorce or death certificate)
  • That both the bride and groom and witnesses (2) must be able to speak and understand English otherwise an official interpreter must be present
  • That two witnesses over the age of 18 years must be present
  • That two compulsory components must be included in the ceremony – the celebrant’s authority and your vows
  • That the Marriage Register must be signed and witnessed

It is not necessary to:

  • To be a citizen of Australia
  • To remain in Australia once you have married
  • To reside in Australia before your marriage
  • To pay Government fees (except for obtaining the registered, stamped copy of your marriage certificate approx $25AUS)
  • To arrange the details in person it can be done via email, phone and fax
  • To have a licence or medical certificates
  • To make your wedding plans public

Apostille Stamp

A number of overseas countries require an Apostille to be stamped on original marriage certificate before the marriage is recognised in that country. In Australia an Apostille can only be attached by the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade


A person marrying in Australia or marrying an Australian citizen may not be granted residency. This is a matter for the Immigration Department. If you wish to apply for a fiancé visa you will need to make arrangements within 9 months of arrival in Australia.

Can I use photo copies and certified copies of my legal documents?

No. All documents must be originals

Can we use legal paperwork that is in another language?

No. Before you can submit it, your paperwork will need to be translated into the English language by a recognised/registered translator.

How do I find a translator in Australia?

If you require a translator or interpreter within Australia, please visit NAATI website

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