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Registry Office Style Wedding

Do you want to have an easy, no fuss simple wedding with just a few guests? So many of my couples want a no fuss wedding with only close family and friends or they would like a quickly organised wedding as they are on tight time constraints. My registry style wedding service is perfect for this. I can offer a standard registry office style wedding ceremony (which is similar to a Registry Office Wedding) in our office or in your home. I am in fact more reasonably priced than the Melbourne Registry Office! I have started offering this type of ceremony as a great deal of my clients would like a simple ceremony either in our office, in their favourite restaurant or in their own home. They have investigated the Registry Office and have found that I am extremely flexible with my locations and I work any time of the day for a ceremony. This usually suits my couples as they have a meaningful ceremonies with people close to them and then they usually then go and have a special meal to celebrate with close family and friends. I perform ceremonies in the Blackburn or Boronia office and allow 1 hour for the service. The ceremony lasts 15 minutes and afterwards can be celebrated with a complimentary glass of champagne with your guests. The ceremony is a standard service and the completed Nomination Of Intention to Marry and Form 14 will be mailed to you for signing and needs to be returned back to me along with Birth details 31 days before your ceremony. Birth details includes certified copies of your original birth certificates and drivers licence or photo ID. The NOIM form will have to be witnessed by either:

  • An Authorised Marriage Celebrant
  • A Commissioner for Declarations
  • An Australian Justice of the Peace
  • An Australian Barrister or Solicitor
  • An Australian legally qualified medical practitioner
  • A member of the Australian Federal or State/Territory Police

Prior meetings for this type of service are not required, but you will need to have two witnesses over the age of 18 attend the service. Total number of guests for our office service would be limited to 8 people. Appointments for the ceremonies are available 7 days a week any time of the day can be made by email or phone.

registry office wedding

registry office wedding

Registry Office Wedding

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