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Congratulations…You’re Engaged!!

Your Ceremony is a celebration of friendship, love and commitment. It is the day that you marry your best friend in front of your closest friends and family.

My approach to weddings is relaxed, warm, fun and friendly and I aim to make your memorable ceremony unique, sincere and warm and perfectly suited to you. I make the whole process fun, relaxed, and stress free.
I am approachable and professional and I listen to your needs to ensure the ceremony takes into account your cultures, values and beliefs. I like to make the ceremonies perfect and uniquely yours. To ensure your ceremony is customised to your liking, you will both be offered a full suite of choices. You can write your own ceremony or you can personalise a prepared ceremony. It is all up to you, and I am here to provide unlimited assistance to help you prepare a dream day that is just right for you.

I provide a complete service which includes a customised ceremony, all the legal paperwork, a PA for voice and music, rehearsal, loads of wedding advice and suggestions and at the end I give you a hard cover book of your ceremony.

I am available for ceremonies, any time of the day and can conduct ceremonies anywhere in Australia however I am based in Melbourne’s east.

I provide a complete service with ongoing consultation to ensure the perfect ceremony.

  • Suggestions can be provided to help with location options, special personal vows or particular rituals to be included in the ceremony and music content.
  • Legal requirements, which will all be met, will be explained to you, as well as the various elements of your wedding ceremony.
  • A rehearsal will be scheduled and a PA system is provided.


Pre-Marriage Education

While you are being swept away in the excitement, it is important to remember why you have chosen to take this serious and binding step in your relationship. Pre-Marriage education is an excellent way to prepare you both for the next stage in your lives together and touches on important issues like roles & responsibilities, expectations and goals,. Most people see pre-marriage education as the crucial warm up to the big day.


Before the big day.

Here are some things to start thinking about while you are planning your special day:

  • Will you involve close family members, friends and children in your ceremony?
  • Will you use rings during the ceremony?
  • Will you have any cultural rituals incorporated in the ceremony
  • Who will give the bride away?
  • Will you have a bridal party?
  • Who will you have as your 2 witnesses (Remember, they must be over 18 years of age)
  • Would you like to have readings and if so, who will do the readings?
  • Will you have music and if so what music would you like?
  • Have you organised a contingency plan? Ie If it is an outdoor wedding, will there be shelter?


Wedding Structure

A Wedding is usually structured and consists of 14 different stages. You can however customise most aspects of your wedding ceremony. Suggestions for customising options are in italics.

They are as follows:

1. Processional

This is the entering of the bridal party.

  • Flower girls, Pageboys, Bridesmaids enter, followed by Bride with the person / people giving her away
  • Bridesmaids enters, followed by the bride
  • Bridesmaids enter, Bride is greeted halfway by the groom and they walk together

2. Welcoming

Celebrant introduces herself and welcomes family and friends.

3. Giving Away

This is the part where the bride is given away

  • Giving away of the bride by her father/ brother/ mother/ sister or other family or friends
  • Giving away of the bride and grooms by their respective parents
  • Giving yourselves to one another

4. Introduction

The celebrant speaks about the couple’s commitments to each other and what marriage means to the couple and anything else about them.

Nothing personalises a wedding ceremony more than an introduction that tells the story of the couple meeting, developing their relationship and deciding to get married. This introduction can relate why the bride and groom love each other, tell their family and friends what they mean to them and state the couple’s vision for their future together.

5. Reading

Verses or poetry can be used. This can be read by someone special to the couple.

6. Monitum /Legal

This is the legal aspect of the ceremony which needs to be said by the celebrant.

7. Declaration of Intention to Marry

This is often the “Declaration of Marriage” or “The Asking” which is a public declaration to everyone.

8. Vows

These can be traditional or custom written.

9. Ring Ceremony

Rings are given to each other

  • Gifts may be exchanged
  • Ceremonial symbols may be exchanged

10. Conclusion

Conclusion is said by the Celebrant

11. The Declaration

The celebrant declares the couple husband and wife.

12. Signing of the register

The couple signs the register and the celebrant asks the two witnesses (who must be over 18 years of age) to come forward to be the witnesses. The bride signs her maiden name.

13. Congratulations

The celebrant congratulates the couple and introduces them to the guests.

14. Recessional

The bride and Groom leave the ceremony area, usually followed by the bridal party and usually with background music.

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